• High vitality on demand.

    Energy healing treatments for individuals and companies

  • Humans have energy, emotions have energy, thoughts have energy, and projects have energy. Everyone is constantly manipulating energy, intentionally or not.


    At Steady Rhino, we use techniques that complement what happens in life and how people and teams recharge their energy. We get rid of low energy and direct high energy to accelerate healing.


    We provide healing for individuals and corporations.


  • Remote services for individuals

    Remote (i.e. online) consultations to provide energy healing that addresses challenges. Any type of challenge;

    • Compounded stress
    • Physical and emotional signs of burnout
    • Signs of depression and lack of energy
    • Anxiety and brain fog

    Some challenges are simple and direct; we are facing a particular physical, emotional, or psychological condition that needs healing; e.g. stress, shoulder pain, professional relationship not going well.


    Some challenges are more murky. It's not clear what is happening, why is happening, and how it can be improved. e.g. 'nobody sleeps at home for weeks...'


    There are energies associated with all situations. Our energy treatments aim to provide support to release blockages and to create a safe environment for insights that lead to new choices, paths, and experiences.


    To 'believe in it' is not a prerequisite. We require your permission and openness to see results

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    Healing meditations

    15-minute to 30-minute healing meditations using the Multidimensional technique targetting any topic that might be related to a physical, emotional, or psychological condition.

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    Pranic healing sessions

    1hr remote Pranic Healing session(s) for physical, emotional and psychological well-being.



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    Energy assessment

    Personal reading of your energy body. Remote chakra reading to identify potential blockers, and expansion opportunities.  


  • High energy on demand for companies

    Imagine walking into an office that feels high energy. Your mind is sharp and enthusiasm is the norm. A place where people can focus and produce high-quality work without compromising present or future health. A company that when people are offline, they can rest and recharge without constant worrying. Belong to a team that feels safe and empowering.


    That is our dream.

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    Group meditation sessions 

    When we walk into the office and get in contact with people we work with, how do we feel?

    The answer has to be positive, enthusiastic, and open to possibilities. Often is not.

    We offer group sessions that clear energy blockages and boost positivity. We also provide feng shui advice and energy cleansing for offices.


    Big cleanout.

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    Four week energising program

    A tailored program to set your company's vision for success. Change management, new projects, new governance - All can benefit from the cleasing of used up, heavy, stagnated energies and a fresh supply of high, reinvigorating energy. Increasing individual vitality, best practices, brain clarity, and intuition.

  • Burnout detox.

    Preventative or recovery


    4 x 60-minute sessions to remove years of accumulated energy related to work past experiences; performance issues, collaboration blockers, creativity blockers, difficult relationships, low sense of worthiness, and so on.


    Energy healing can complement existing treatments, but it can also have an impact on its own.


    The memories stay, and the learnings stay. The tightness we can feel when we think of it, that one goes.



    Anger and Resentment


    Anxiety and Stress


    Fear and Shame


    Guilt and Sadness

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