• Our vision

    A world with emotional balanced workplaces for people to reach their full potential not compromising present or future health.

  • Why Steady Rhino exists

    We can have it better.


    Have you noticed how natural the expectation that work is stressful and it will consume our health?

    The long-term effects of stress are starting to show, but what to do? We want and need to contribute, realize, and make important changes in the world.


    When we conduct our practices people feel better, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


    Our work complements diet, therapy, coaching, and easter medicine. It helps, sometimes immediately.


    We exist to be part of a new era, where people know more about our energy and can incorporate energy manipulation into our routine, having a more energetic and healthy life.

  • The founder

    2020 broke me. After years of therapy, self discovery, better diet, exercise and holistic therapies, fear was my contant experience. My recurring thoughts felt like a punishment I wouldn't wish to no one.


    Then I started meditating. It brought space between me and my life experience. That space became bigger and wider, to the point that I experienced for the first time life with no anxiety.


    That same year, my dad had a few strokes. Anxiety was adding a lot to his condition. May you rest in peace, dad. We started meditating together from time to time. Often, after just a few days of daily practice, he would 'come back' to himself, being engaged, cheerful and at ease. Then I stated doing remote pranic healing session on him and positive results were occuring. What a blessing when we see loved ones feel better.


    Soon after I started healing friends and family. So many stories.


    The idea to start a business came from my experience with the corporate life, adding structure and models to implement healing practices, and perhaps, help people experience that same relief. That idea gives me joy.



    Marina C Avila

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    "Hello darling, what body part did you focused in your last healing? My left hand is better. It remindes me of that book Siddartha, and how everything in the universe is interlinked."

  • Why a Rhino?

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    In a meditation once, I saw the image of myself with a Rhino head. So interesting.


    Conviently, the internet also says that;


    'Mystics and Shamans alike consider this horn a symbol of spiritual awareness, illumination, prayerful living, and connection to the divine. They say seeing a Rhino in your visions means opening a path through the veils of uncertainty and bewilderment and stepping into the Light of awareness to become an awakened being.' 


    I liked that.

  • About Pranic Healing

    Pranic Healing is thought and practiced around the world. Find more on the links below:

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